Redevelopment as reinvention

As New Jersey continues to reinvent herself, Castano Quigley has assisted governmental entities, including the Town of Harrison, in converting Brownfields into reusable property. 
The New Jersey Law Journal chronicled our success:

At a time when the phrase ‘eminent domain’ sends shivers down property owners’ spines – especially when private land is sought for redevelopment – the experience of one Hudson County town may serve as an elixir.” The firm’s management of the condemnation matters is described by the Journal as “a model procedure for acquiring Brownfields for redevelopment.
— The New Jersey Law Journal

Eminent domain is only one phase of Harrison’s redevelopment process that Castano Quigley has conducted. We led the Town through the legal aspects of the “blight” and plan process and successfully defended several court attacks on both. We also participated in the selection of redevelopers and drafted and negotiated all of the redevelopment agreements.

Our experience in redevelopment and eminent domain includes:

  • Adoption and implementation of redevelopment plans
  • Brownfields
  • Condemnation litigation and appeals
  • Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) process
  • Evaluations and appraisals
  • Infrastructure agreements
  • Redevelopment agreements
  • Relocation assistance
  • Requirements for sports and entertainment complexes
  • Tax abatements