Our difference works to your advantage

Clients come to us when they want to take advantage of the wisdom that accrues to litigators who practice regularly before New Jersey judges in both state and federal court. Clients come to us when they want practical attorneys with the kind of real world experience and training that can only be acquired in prosecutors’ offices. Well prepared attorneys are the ones who are best equipped to expeditiously move cases toward resolution.

Our focus

Because of our reputation as excellent litigators, our trial practice in both the state and federal courts includes significant work in the areas of complex commercial contract disputes, condemnation and eminent domain, professional liability, environmental regulations, insurance law, and labor and employment litigation. We also have a strong appellate practice.

Several of our attorneys serve as arbitrators and certified mediators. We use alternative resolution strategies to find efficient and cost-effective solutions when commercial disputes threaten to bog down business operations.

How we work with you

We focus on each client’s goals and the specifics of your case. Our process includes:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Identification of potential problems
  • Risk/benefit analysis
  • Alternative strategies

Then, we review the alternatives with our client and move toward the most cost-effective, practical solution.

Because we appreciate the client’s point of view, we never lose sight of the fact that the seriousness of litigation, the time and financial and emotional costs can often seem overwhelming. We strive to keep our clients up to date and are available to answer questions at any time. Our expertise in litigation includes: athen use the list from the landing page of subareas.